Each capsule is produced with the utmost care and attention to create a wide, varied range with something for everyone’s tastes, everywhere.

good coffee espresso decaffeinado

Espresso Decaffeinato

Decaffeinated, 100% Arabica with a full, sweet aroma and a slightly chocolatey aftertaste.

aroma of coffee rotondo double

Rotondo Double

A 100% Arabica blend with a sweet, fragrant aroma, Rotondo is produced using top-quality Brazilian and Indian coffee beans. Sweet, full-bodied and creamy, this coffee requires little sugar, so that you can appreciate its flavours in all their fullness.

premium coffee espresso intenso

Espresso Intenso

A particularly intense, creamy espresso with a persistent, balanced aftertaste.

aroma of coffe club espresso

Aroma Club Espresso

It is a full-bodied but delicate blend made with 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil and South East Asia. The special roasting and grinding give a cup of espresso with a lingering, fragrant flavour, which is particularly full-bodied and creamy.

Espresso Aroma Point

A full and sweet blend, composed of the best Brazilian and Central American Arabica (40%) and the finest Indonesian Robusta (60%). The result is an espresso coffee with an intense flavour, and optimal, creamy body.

premium coffee crema&aroma espresso

Crema&Aroma Espresso

A blend of the best Central and South American Arabica (40%) and the finest African Robusta (60%). The result is a strong and decisive but sweet espresso coffee, with excellent body and intense, lingering aftertaste.

good coffee dek espresso

Dek Espresso

It is a 100% Arabica blend, composed of the finest, particularly aromatic South American coffees. In the cup, it is a fragrant espresso coffee, with a clear, sweet note. The special care in roasting gives it a good body.


aroma piú good coffee

Aroma Più

Creamy and well rounded.

super crema premium coffee miami

Super Crema

Thanks to a rich cream and an aromatic organoleptic profile, the Super Crema blend offers a full body and a decise taste experience, with notes of roasted hazelnut and brown sugar, and all the harmony of Italian espresso.


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